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tanzhafenfestival: 20.4. – 5.5.2019

From Seoul to Linz, from Buenos Aires to Helsinki: the “tanzhafenfestival” is happening again in it’s 5th edition! International artists who once chose or still choose Linz as a center of their activities, present contemporary dance int it’s colorful variety. On board: a rich and diverse program full of performances, workshops and events. Communication with the audience is a key factor, participation as well. Unconventional experiments, highly entertaining scenes and deeper insight into the fast moving contemporary dance scene are promised.

Program: Performances by international and local guests, masterclasses, ChoreoLabs, workshops, artist talks & community gatherings
Posthof Linz, Ars Electronica Center, Lentos Kunstmuseum,
Musiktheater, RedSapata Tanzfabrik, Tribüne Linz, Hauptplatz

One week before the festivals visitors are cordially invited to join the Participatory Arts Panel Austria, a forum for exchange of artistic methods from dance and theatre for social impact. www.participatoryarts.at (15. – 20.04.2019)

Zum Programm 2019

Titelbild: Hermann Erber, KünstlerInnen: Anni Taskula, Gergely Dudás