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Afro Modern Dance – Jean Bernard Fontus

Afro Modern Dance

Leitung: Jean Bernard Fontus

In this workshop we will work with elements from the Haitian Folklore Dance, which is very special due to its merging of African, indigenous and European elements. This rooted dance is extremely rich in its repertoire of movements. The drum plays an essential role and each rhythm has its own  history, individual character and expression.

The training session starts with a comprehensive warm-up based on modern dance technique. Then you will learn different movements from the afro-haitian dance based on different rhythms.

The course is open to everyone, who loves to dance.


Jean Bernard Fontus Jean Bernard Fontus is a dancer and choreographer, educated in ballet, modern dance (Horton Technique), Haitian Folklore Dance, Jazz Dance, and Latin Dance. He danced in the most famous Haitian ensembles and dance companies (Ballet, Contemporary, Modern und Haitian Dance) and won different dance awards in Haiti, Austria and Europe. ( www.jbf-dance.at )

10.10.2015 // 10.30-12.00 Uhr

at RedSapata Tanzfabrik