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cieLaroque/helene weinzierl: Think Fish

We see a couple. We get the feeling that what we are seeing actually is not in a perfect    harmony. It seems to be exhausting, unhealthy, laborious, and somehow it appears to be unpleasant, the harmony is missing.

The absurdity reaches a peak when the structures of power collapse and dissolve due to missing or misunderstood communication. The two dancers show how different interpretations of a single theme or topic, approached from opposing attitudes and perceptions of understanding may lead to a completely absurd form of(mis)communication.

25 min

The Salzburg choreographer Helene Weinzierl studied dance in Paris, Munich and Salzburg. In 1995 she founded CieLaroque/helene weinzierl after dancing for over ten years professionally withtthe choreographers Bruno Genty, Jean-Yves Ginoux, Robert Wechsler, Hubert Lepka and Roxane Huilmand. Now, she is touring with CieLaroque/helene weinzierl world-wide at national and international festivals.
Her work has been honored with numerous international awards. In addition, she was awarded the Prize for Art and Culture of the city of Salzburg and the production democrazy received a premium by the bmu:kk.


concept and choreography: Helene Weinzierl

dance and choreography: Yuri Korec and Viviana Escalé

music composition: Oliver Stotz

light design: Peter Thalhamer

photos: Peter Huber

Coproduction Festival Junge Künstler Bayreuth, KosmosTheater Wien, tanzimpulse Salzburg und Theater im Ballsaal Bonn

PROGRAM Overview

14. October 2015 // Posthof

8:00 p.m.