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Dante Murillo und Pawel Dudus: Rockers

Rockers is as a physical response to the human passions, excitements and curiosity observed in Bosch’s paintings such as The Garden of Early Delights and The Last Judgement.

Rockers presents a playful body, stubborn, extreme, and curious to explore the maximum of our human condition.

Commissioned and supported by the B-Project, one component of the Bosch 500 Foundation’s major celebration of the painter and his work; it has been developed in collaboration with five European partners (UK-FR-IT-AT-NL).

Rockers is a physical challenge in which exhaustion becomes energy. Ambition and excitement drive the performers into an euphoric state, and take them through a journey of different stations waving between strength and fragility… and at the end? what is left? what can they still play with?…

40 min

Dante Murillo was born 1982 in Colombia, he graduated from the National Film Academy Bogota and recieved the MA at Bruckner University Linz/Austria. He is touring world wide as a performer. Since 2011 he creates his own choreographic work.

“My dance work is influenced by my Audio-visual and Communication studies. I often refer to semiotics and the way how we perceive and make sense. I like to explore different phisicalities and meanings throughout the variations of an specific situation or motion; and later on bringing it into choreography by the use, or “misused”, of narrative structures and visual rhetoric. In Rockers, I decided to explore the motion of rocking and how it reveals different body memories, states and perceptions. For me, it is interesting to observe how the act of rocking transforms the meaning of a human form and its context; it triggers the imagination of the spectator in unexpected ways.

Paweł Wiesław Duduś – born in Poland in 1989. He at Anton Bruckner University in Linz with a Master degree. During his studies, he participated in several projects for Cie.Off Verticality directed by Rose Breuss. Before and after his graduation he has taken part in diverse projects. On the account of Paweł’s experience are such artists like: Akemi Takeya; Georg Blaschke; Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla “Rockers”; Anna Réti and Ido Batash; Alessandro Sciarroni and a artistic encounter with Jan Fabre. In January 2015 in collaboration with Laura Eva Meuris and with the support of Liz King “Dance Identity” Pinkafeld/AT and “CAMPO Arts Centre” Ghent/BE, Paweł started a research dedicated to the bondage practice. Exploring it’s aesthetics and somatosensory stimulation. Questioning and confroning themselves with the subject of LOVE.

production: Jheronimus Bosch 500 & D.ID Dance Identity
choreography: Dante Murillo
dance: Dante Murillo, Pavel Dudus
music: Andres Gutierrez
costume: Monica Gross
light: Peter Thalhamer
funding: BKA Kunst, Kultur Burgenland
fotos: Max Biskup (dray pants) / Sylvain Lefeuvre (red pants)


PROGRAM Overview

14. October 2015 // Posthof

8:00 p.m.