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Hip Hop Basic – Bianca Anne Braunesberger

Hip Hop Basics

Leitung: bgirl annebe

This workshop is made for beginners of all ages aswell as for intermediate dancers. The Warm Up will teach Basics from Toprocking, Footwork, Popping and Locking. Building up on this techniques, the dancers will learn a choreography, that they can take for themselfs as an inspiration. What is Hip Hop and which form of cultures lies behind that expression? Respect towards each other and an acceptance of each individual movement will make us bounce!

bgirl annebe

Bianca Anne Braunesberger loves the Hip Hop culture, but is aswell an educated contemporary dancer and ambitious urban dancer and writer. With campaigns such as “an urban indian lovestory” she fights for equal rights for all cultures. Also with her own company Cie. tauschfühlung she stands up for animal rights and love and respect.

As an dancer, annebe works for Staatsoper München, tanz.coop Wien and Static Man Portugal. In 2011 she founded the fridayjamcrew Hip Hop culture movement in Munich.


10.10.2015 // 14.45-16.15 Uhr

in der RedSapata Tanzfabrik

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Foto: Ulli Stelzer