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Julia Schwarzbach – loops and breaks

Performance (DE)


loops and breaks is an interactive performance set on a solid and simple structure of written actions and triggers. Julia invites you, the audience, to make the action by responding to a series of shifting instructions prepared especially for the particular venue and the audience of the evening. The stage expands to become a blur of watching and performing, interpretation, intervention, disruption, cooperation and play, where everyone can join the game of finding common ground together, and where every contribution is precious.


loops and breaks started as a research project in 2012, investigating questions around the relationship between performer and audiences. It has played at various theatres and festivals such as: Tafelhalle Nürnberg, Europäische Theaternacht/Kosmostheater Wien, Tabakfabrik Linz, BE Festival Birmingham, Barbican London, Matadero Madrid, Circomedia Bristol, TraverseTheatre Edinburgh, HomeManchester


Julia Schwarzbach was born in Munich and studied music and dance pedagogy at Orff-Insitute/Mozarteum Salzburg, contemporary dance at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance/SEAD aswell as Master of Performance and Creative Research at the Roehampton University London. Julia Schwarzbach works as a successful dancer and choreographer.


performance: Julia Schwarzbach and Audience

sound/voice: Nic Lloyd

supported by: Kultur Stadt Salzburg, Kultur Land Salzburg, Austrian Cultural Forum London

in co-production with: Toihaus Theater Salzburg

fotos: Alex Brenner (pictures in colour) / Ray Farhad Kazemi (pictures in black and white)

PROGRAM Overview

12. October 2015 // AEC Deep Space

from 7 p.m.

free admission