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Ákos Hargitay:

Break.Out  – the brain is just a muscle

Performance (HU)

A hip-hop girl, a “REAL” Break Dancer (100% b-boy) and an analytical contemporary choreographer (60% b-boy) meet to create a “show” from zero. Everything connects them is love to dance, love to break dance. Everything separates them is their different past. In order to make that work, the protagonist must deconstruct their structures what they have been learned and re-construct something new.


 Ákos Hargitay was born in Budapest. Since 1990 he worked as a contemporary dancer in various hungarian and international projects. He is part of the Company Two in One and works as teacher at Move On Dance Studio/Vienna.

Dance & Choreography:
Hiphop Girl: CAT – Paz Katrina Jimenez (A / PH)
A “REAL” BBOY Miklós Szabó (HU)
(Original Cast / Petr Ochvat)
A contemporary choreographers: Ákos Hargitay (A / HU)
Music: GAMMON (A)
Light & Space: Veronika Mayerböck (A) & Ákos Hargitay
Director: Ákos Hargitay (AT / HU)
Thanks to Ingo Bischof / Moee / LYMA.at / Tanz * Hotel / MA7 & Bundeskanzleramt curators for their kind support.
PROGRAM Overview

16. October 2015 RedSapata Tanzfabrik

from 7:00 p.m.