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Josseline Black

Josseline Black: Rarities-Polarities-Positionalities

Performance (USA)

“Rarities-Polarities-Postionalities” is a three-part demonstrative performance reaching towards a semi-scientific reading of “locating oneself”. In referencing and deconstructing normative strategies which are commonly used to gain access to the relationship between oneself (a point) and a context, the piece gives potential solutions to solve the question of melodrama (which can be considered a phenomenon raising the contrast of human interiority andexternalisation). Navigating the complex experience of identifying with and pushing against “space” (conceptually, politically, geographically, physically), necessitates the intersection and engagement of three tools which are offered through the course of this performance. Thus, “Rarities-Polarities-Positionalites” proposes the possibility of a visual event being translatable as a praxis and therefore a body of knowledge which can be internalised and utilised.



Josseline Black, born 1987 Lancaster (U.S.A). BA. Anthropology/Archaeology, UCLA, is based in Linz. Studied with Lionel Popkin , Victoria Marks, Susan Klein, Nadya Kosciuk, and Victor Moreno. Danced with Nicole Seiler (CH), Victoria Marks, and Oliver Steele (NYC) among others. She has been creating her own works among which A CONVERSATION WITH THE LAST WHITE BUFFALO, Some Confession, Die. Hochzeit, For Illinska, and Squeezing the Grapefruit have been performed in Europe and the U.S. She founded movement research collective LaPalomaBlanca, works with video, and curates with possiblities of transmediality.

Concept, Choreographie, Dancer: Josseline Black

Foto: Sonia Borkowicz


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16.10.2015 RedSapata // Tabakfabrik

7:00 p.m.