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Silke Grabinger & Anne Juren – Transformer extended

SILK Cie.:  Transformer extended

Performance (AT)


The starting point of the performance is a costume which exposes an accumulation of puppets sewn together as a figurative texture. Flesh on flesh, skin on skin. Some body parts of the puppets are activated by the dancers muscles. The extremities do not belong anymore to one single subject but to a schizophrenic creature, a mutant body. It‘s not a monster in itself but rather a distorted connection between the artificial and the real, the hidden and the exposed, the nude and the dressed. A playful way of juxtaposing antagonistic information.


Silke Grabinger is a dancer and choreographer. She is situated at the point of intersection between contemporary performing art and space/design strategies. As an artistic director of the artist collectives SILK Cie and SILK  FLUEGGE she is pursuing new approaches in a critical engagement with social phenomena, artistic paradigms and the function/role of the audience. Her works find place in the theatre as well as in the white cube of the museum or in public spaces as spaces of social occurrence. www.silk.at


choreography:  Anne Juren & Silke Grabinger

performance: Silke Grabinger

production: Olga Swietlicka

costume/requisite: Roland Rauschmeier, Juliane Buchroithner

music: Missy Eliot

fotos: Kirchner

PROGRAM Overview

15. October 2015 Auditorium Lentos Kunstmuseum

from 19:00

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