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Rehearsing Attention

Rehearsing Attention 

Artist Talk & Get Together

Rehearsing Attention is inviting spectators to watch performances at the tanzhafenfestival with special viewing tasks. We will articulate ways of noting this experience collectively during separate discussion sessions. Tasks are often used in performance-making to generate material. Inverting this logic and making it a principle of watching enhances our engagement as spectators and (re-)opens the question of the labour of the spectator, a question that seems all that relevant in the contemporary performing arts.

Session 1: TUE 16.5. – 6 pm@ International Cultural Lounge at OÖ Kulturquartier, Presse Club, 1. Stock. 

(invitation to approach the opening performance of the festival, after that the guests are welcome to jointly walk to the moviemento cinema to watch Cine Dance #1, info about the exact space for this session will be published on this website soon)

Session 2: THU 18.5. – 8 pm @ OÖ Kulturquartier, Presse Club, Saal A, 1. floor after the performance of Disaqpear @ OÖ Kulturquartier (you will be guided to this session after the performance)

Session 3: FRI 19.5 – 8 pm after the performance of Recreation @ RAUMSCHIFF (this session will lead into a gathering with the artists, come togther with drinks and DJing by Nic Lloyd)

Session 4: FRI 26.5. – 11 am @ RAUMSCHIFF (have a talk with the artists and approach the 4 shows of the evening before – see program of the 25th)

Session 5: FRI 26.5 – 7 pm @ RAUMSCHIFF (approach the show of teleta_K_t, after that enjoy the live music of Basalt and have drinks with the artists)

Concept: Gappmaier/Gojić/Meheik

Diana Meheik works as a dramaturge at the National Theatre in Zagreb. She has also written and adapted plays for stage (Rose of Jericho, Mania, Chronicles of Travnik). Inge Gappmaier is a choreographer, dancer, dance-pedagog and -researcher based in Vienna. Nina Gojić is a dramaturge based in Zagreb, mostly working in contemporary dance, devised theatre and interdisciplinary projects. She writes essays, screenplays and performance texts. In March 2016 Gappmaier, Gojić and Meheik started their research project Rehearsing Attention by dealing with the notion of professional spectatorship during Tanzplattform Deutschland in Frankfurt/Main. Curious about the labour of the spectator, they continued their research by developing tasks for spectators in order to examine the different ways of watching performances and structuring attention.

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