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Patrik Huber and the not shaved ones: End of the Rain

Patrik Huber and the not shaved ones: End of the rain

Performance combining text, dance, theatre – 60 min


A theatreproject based on texts by Patrik Huber.

Absurdity – Poesy – Lonliness – Music – Grotesqueness – Humor.

The text is a means of an end.

The purpose, the antinomy of dramatically edited texts at all.

an interdisciplinary overboarding disatered revue – “from left to right it hits me, i dont understand anything” based on poems out of the book poems for anarchy by patrik huber

text, directing, concept: Patrik Huber

co-directing: Christine Hinterkörner

music: Christine Hinterkörner, Track “Hound Dog” Manuel Mitterhuber, Christoph Stadler, Mario Stadler

costumes: Natascha Wöss

choreography: Iris Heitzinger, Damian Cortes, Elias Buttinger, Bianca Braunesberger, Paula Dominici, Natascha Wöss

performer: Christoph Griesser, Doris Schüchner, Paul Hofmann, Patrik Huber, Armin Mairhofer, Squeezed Peaches, Roland Laimer, Schlomo Macheiner, Marc Steidl

Supported by Sturm und Drang Galerie, RedSapata TANZFABRIK Linz & gfk – OÖ. Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik, Linz Kultur, Land OÖ Kultur


program overview

29/05/2017 // Central

8 pm

Picture: Robert Maybach