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Inge Gappmaier: p a r t i c l e s

Inge Gappmaier:

p a r t i c l e s

Dance at the Museum – 40 min


suspended particles in a solid system

solid particles in a suspended system

“p a r t i c l e s” is a contemporary choreography taking place in the historic building of the Landesgalerie in Linz. The human body in its materiality and multidimensionality will be juxtaposed to the gallery’s current exhibition “Bauhaus-Beziehungen Oberösterreich”. Exploring spatiality and logic of their own bodily movements, the kinetic know-how of the dancers contrasts against the inherent structures of their surroundings.

Inge Gappmaier’s contemporary choreography “p a r t i c l e s” draws conceptual parallels between geometry and movement; between human bodies and material. The choreography deals with principles that also shaped the artwork of the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s. Interesting parallels and contrasts emerge throughout “p a r t i c l e s”, juxtaposing contemporary choreography to the dances of the Bauhaus movement documented in the current exhibition.

Concept/choreography: Inge Gappmaier

Dancers: Inge Gappmaier, Lena Pirklhuber, Stefanie Sommer

Dramaturgic advice: Stefanie Sommer

INGE GAPPMAIER, based in Vienna, worked as choreographer, dancer and dance-trainer. She studied MA Choreographie und Performance at Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in Gießen (DE), Zeitgenössische Tanzpädagogik at Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität and spent a semester abroad at Tanz- und Zirkushochschule in Stockholm (SE).

In 2016 she received the DanceWEB-scholarship at the international ImplusTanz Festival in Vienna. She is teaching workshops, e. g. at JLU Gießen, Musik und Kunstuniversität Wien, PH Wien und der Diözese Linz, RedSapata Tanzfabrik Linz and RAUM für TANZ in Wien.

In 2011/12 she was head of the Tanzstudio Dancework in Bad Hall (A) on an interim basis. Until now her artistic work was shown at D.iD Dance Idenitity in collaboration with Imagetanz/brut, Arbeitsplatz Wien, the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, the Life Art und Performance Festival LAPSody Helsinki and the Festival ÖsterreichTANZT.



28/05/2017 // Landesgalerie Linz

2 pm


foto: Michel Nahabedian