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Ference Fehér: Tao Te

Ferenc Fehér:

Tao Te

Performance – 40 min

The title of this duet was inspired by the legendary Chinese sage, LaoTze’s, and his famous and well-known work, “Tao Te Ching – The Path of Virtue”. In the title, Tao refers to the path, the way, the universal law, and Te refers to virtue – the power through which tao manifests itself. The task is to maintain harmony. The old script invites to search for a virtuous and meaningful life but it also describes the failure that this search involves. A tension that is visible in the dance.

The forty-minute long intense physical dance is a story of two men with different characters and attitudes.

Ferenc Fehér is an experienced and successful dancer-choreographer. His style is a unique and expressive combination of freestyle dance, physical dance and animal movements. Ferenc’s dance is the result of constantly improving and perfecting his repertoire of unique moves, and he has been making and performing his own choreographies all over the world since 2007. Genre: animal movements, dance and movement theatre, contemporary dance, physical dance.

Performances / co-productions 2016.

Pancakes and Spiderman, Amsterdam University of the Arts, JMD/AHK project, Amsterdam, Holland 2015. Ten Little Indians, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam, Holland.

Festivals and performances 2017.

Hannover, Germany, TAO TE 2016. Leipzig, Germany, euro-scene Leipzig, Hello Zombie! 2016. Panama City, Panama, International Contemporary Dance Festival, Tao Te 2016. Minneapolis, USA, TAO TE 2016. Detroit, USA – Detroit Dance City Festival, TAO TE

direction, music: Ferenc Fehér

performance: Balázs Szitás, Ferenc Fehér

costume: Judit Simon

stage, light, sound: Dávid Kovácsovics

production partner: Katlan Csoport

supporters: NKA, Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, Katlan Csoport

program overview

25/05/2017 // Lentos Kunstmuseum

6 pm

Foto: Kore Busan, Terri Florido