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Collective B: What A Wonderful World

Collective B:

What A Wonderful World

Performance – 25 min


Sometimes it is inevitable to be struck by a lightning. Perhaps only then, the bird will be able to see beyond the storm and appreciate those skies of blue and clouds of white. The scared gazelle must take a few leaps backwards to put its sunken heart back in place. Even though, the colors of the rainbow may be tainted black, deep down they never cease to shine.

Corporal and musical confrontation with terror, questioning its systematics, its exploitation by the media and its public perception.

concept: Elsa Mourlam

choreography & performance: Sonia Borkowicz and Elsa Mourlam

video performance: Florian Eibel

music composition: Tomas Novak

music: Tomas Novak, Christopher Haritzer, Paul Schuberth and Voland Szekely

photo & video: Florian Eibel

Collective B is a variable collective of artists between different performing art forms, originally co-founded by Sonia Borkowicz [PL], Elsa Mourlam [FR], Izabela Soldaty [PL] and Viltė Švarplytė [LT].


program overview

25/05/2017 // Lentos Kunstmuseum

6 pm