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Ulrike Hager/Barbara Windtner: Searching for Isolde

TanzRoadMovie (AT/AR/SI)

Crossing Europe Openingmovie

Director Barbara Windtner sets out together with the dancer Ulrike Hager in search of the choreographer Isolde Klietmann, a dance pioneer in the inter-war period in Linz. From Maribor to Linz and Vienna and then all the way to Argentina, they follow the traces of the unusual artist and teacher, who had to flee Austria together with her Jewish husband when the Nazis came to power. In her new home country – first in Buenos Aires, then Mendoza near the Andes – she was able to continue her career, however. Isolde’s great-niece Monika Klietmann goes along on the journey, inspired by the idea to search for Isolde’s former pupils and bring her dance to life again on the basis of their memories. A dance-road-movie that playfully traces the path of the life of an artist, who was able to inspire her surroundings throughout her lifetime.

70 min

Barbara Windtner, born 1980 in Steyr, studied theater, film and media siences at the University of Vienna.  She lived from 2008 to 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were she studied film at SICA and shooted first short documentaries with Iván Marín. Currently she works together with Dina Borsch under the name of „WanderSis Films“ in Vienna.

Ulrike Hager, born 1975 in  Upper Austria, studied, after a degree in chemical operating technology, dance in Linz and Amsterdam. Since 2000 she works as a freelance dancer and choreographer. She is the co-chairwoman of RedSapata Tanzfabrik and  Head of the tanzhafenFESTIVAL.


Produced and researched by Barbara Windtner and Ulrike Hager
Written and directed by Barbara Windtner
Idea and co-written by Ulrike Hager
Foto: Screenshot Hager/Windtner

13.October 2015 // Moviemento Kino

8:00 p.m.